What We Do for You!

"I want to train dumber this year" said no one ever. Training smart is not a unique idea or even a new idea. The difficulty comes in actually putting theory into action. With so many sources of the "cutting edge" or the "latest and greatest" training methods it can be impossible to figure our what works and what is right for you!

At Integrity Multisport we provide education and consultation on scientifically based and proven training methods.  Everyone can benefit from increasing their knowledge about how to train smarter/better.  People have different needs and interests, so we have tailored our services to do one as many people as we possibly can reach their athletic goals.  What are you waiting for, lets get started.


Check out our learning center for the highest level of education in all things triathlon. Training smarter today to get you ahead tomorrow!

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Gait Analysis

From full video analysis and complete body assessment to comments on self taken run, swim, or bike videos, we have what you are looking for. Click more info to see how to get started!

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Triathlon Consulting

Interested in getting expert advice, but bon't need full coaching? Consulting offers a unique opportunity to discuss your athletic questions with the experts. (Email us on the contact page to find out more)

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Triathlon Coaching

Ready to go the the next level? We take 2-3 athletes per year to coach one on one with the highest level of service. Are you ready for the ultimate in triathlon success?

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Start your Success from your Couch!

We have a number of Premium and "Fremium" downloads for you to check out. Looking for a great strength plan or cutting edge dynamic warm up? Click here to see our full catalog of how you can take your training to the next level, or check out our great downloads below!

Check out this Ultimate Maintenance Program for Triathlon strength training. This has been key in my own triathlon success and I know it will do the same for you! For…

CORE CORE CORE CORE, did I mention CORE. This is a 30 day challenge that starts off with just 30 seconds and builds you up to 2 minutes. Are you… Do you want to be confident in the water? This is a plan that is perfect for beginner swimmers looking to add structured workouts, or returning swimmers who want…

Looking for consistent injury free training? You came to the right spot! This is a great four week plan to get you started doing Core the Right way. Whether you…