Blog 17 – Gym Update

I did it - I went to the gym! And all I can say is HOLY HAMSTRINGS. ha - I guess that would make for an incredibly short blog post, but seriously. Ouch.


Blog 16: Baby Steps – getting back to strong

Well, it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for… I’m cleared to start exercising again!!! Before I go and get too excited, I have to be honest. I’m not 100% cleared. Due to some lumbopelvic instability due to pregnancy/labor, I am in physical therapy and my PT (who is fantastic) is putting the breaks on me running for now. It’s hard not to get back to it right away, but I have to remind myself – building a strong foundation and running for years is much more important than running for a few weeks and injuring myself. So for now, I’m a little limited, but I can work out!

Blog 15 – Plans

  • Annual Training Plan

Each Pro has different workouts that they swear by and a unique approach on how to train. There is one thing that every Pro does on a weekly basis, and it one of the top reasons why they are so fast. Learn how anyone can do what the Pros do, and get started with this in less than 30 minutes.

Blog 14: Getting There

If you’ve looked at the Integrity Multisport site a bit, you know that we’re a little goal obsessed around here. Before Avery was born, I sat down and made a list of new momma health and fitness goals…

  1. Feed my daughter well by eating nutritious foods and enjoying treats in moderation
  2. Get out of my maternity pants by the time I return to work
  3. Feel confident in shorts by the time summer hits
  4. Sign up for a triathlon in Summer 2015
  5. Run the Caffe Gelato 10 miler in October 2015

Blog 13 Speed Bumps

Coming back after having a baby, there are a few speed bumps along the way. Most obviously, my body is recovering from pregnancy and labor, Doug and I are both functioning on minimal sleep, and my schedule is no longer “mine” anymore. In addition, I have a few injuries that developed during my pregnancy that I need to address.

In this post I share what my daily workout routine looks like and key exercises for any athlete, especially returning moms!

Blog 12: Tri Mom Comeback

  • Triathlon Mom
    See my triathlon comeback after child birth

Hi all! It’s Devon – tri wife to Coach Doug (and now tri momma). You probably know by now that we welcomed a new member to the Integrity team last month. Being a new mom is an adventure like no other, but I am also determined to come back as an athlete over the next year. Check out my story and what I am doing to make my comeback!

Blog 11

If you want to reach your goals you need to make a plan. But when do you know if you need to adjust your plan? Do you have a small nagging pain? Is that small pain going to turn into a big nagging injury? What if you are feeling sick, do you stick to the plan?

One of the toughest things an athlete can do is to make a decision about a workout when they are not feeling 100%. Science is finding new ways to help athletes decide if their body is ready to workout. In the full post we review an article on “New Ways to Prevent Athletic Injuries” and I share 3 rules I use to decide if I’m ready to workout.

Blog 10: What My Daughter Taught Me About Triathlons

2015-02-05 10.02.48
First off, welcome to Avery Catherine as the newest member of Integrity Multisport! She has been an absolute wonder and we are so thrilled to be new parents. She is also very wise for her years (actually days!) and taught me an important lesson about sleep. Check out why athletes need sleep and my thoughts on how to maximize sleep for improving athletic performance. Click here for full post.

The Most Important Part of Off Season

Hi Everyone,
As much as I love racing, off season can be a great time of year. I’ve been seeing (and even contributing to) a variety of exercises and workouts for off season success. According to the experts out there, you need to be doing strength workouts, stretching, core, intervals, base aerobic, bike handling, run skills, breathing exercises, etc. Today I wanted to share with you what I am doing in my off season and why I know that what I am doing will bring me the success I want this season.

Let’s take a look at my last week of training.
– Saturday I did an hour long run, followed by a hike with my dog where she and I ran up and down any hill
– Sunday I did an hour bike trainer workout in the morning and then I randomly shots baskets and played HORSE with my wife (I haven’t played basketball in 5 years)
– Monday is my duathlon workout with strength after. Part of my strength was practicing a head stand! I am very proud of this and I am having a great time with it
– Tuesday was a busy work day that started with water coming out of a light fixture at 5:30am and ended with meetings. For workouts I took the dog for a hike (running the hills again) because it was her 5th birthday. I also did 20 min on the trainer to get prepared for a big meeting that evening
– Wednesday was a morning run while I prepped for a meeting and more headstand practice (check out the video on my instagram!)
So why is this special…? I have had a ton of fun this week. I love taking the dog for a hike. I have been trying out new shoes, testing out a new HR/Power monitor, working on my run form, and focusing on things that I don’t make time for in season. The secret to off season success is to enjoy it. Take the time with your family/friends/pets. Focus on something that is not necessarily triathlon specific but you have always wanted to do (headstands for me!). The off season is a perfect time to let your body and your mind enjoy some rest. If you allow yourself to have some fun, you will come back with a laser focus and determination once the season gets here.

Let us know what you are doing fun this off season in the comments section on any page of this website or on our Facebook page!

Brooks Launch Review

Brooks Launch Initial Thought


First off, thanks to Delaware Running Company for making a great suggestion for a new shoe. I went in to the store to find an alternative to my Asics Gel Lyte 33. I have been an Asics runner since high school, and I was reluctantly looking for an alternative to a good (albeit not great) shoe I was in.

I have run in the Brooks launch three times now and today I am sharing my initial thoughts. The shoe feels great! I have not done any long runs in the shoe yet (it is important to do a proper adjustment schedule), but the shoe has performed well on an easy run, two shorter tempo brick repeats, and a negative four mile tempo. The shoe is slightly heavier than I am accustomed to, and for a winter trainer shoe that may not be a bad thing. 

I plan to continue running in the shoe for winter and based on my later feel possibly try a lighter version with less cushion when I begin my race season in March. My friend Tom even says they make a great trail shoe, which will be great for my Xterra Trail Series coming up. 


  • Very Comfortable
  • Responsive feel with natural foot motion
  • Solid construction
  • Not a flashy neon color


  • Heavier weight
  • Higher Arch than I am accustomed to
  • I feel like an Asics traitor!


Overall I give the Brooks Launch a 4/5 stars and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a great neutral training shoe that works well for whatever your training entails!