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Every Professional triathlete and their coach does one thing...they make a plan. It can cost $200 to have a coach make an ATP for you. Find out how easy it can be, all for less than the price of energy gels for a week. 

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"  Lao Tzu

The best way to achieve your goal is to get started today. Get started now with Integrity Multisport and we will send you a FREE Exercise everyone month and a FREE Goal Workbook just for signing up.

Workout of the Week (WOW)

The Workout of the Week has moved! You can now find a free workout posted each week on our resources page, along with lots of other helpful advice and information.



Hall of Fame!

Hear what our Athletes have to say about working with Integrity Multisport:

Kyle Carricks


  "Doug was an absolute pleasure to work with. His technical expertise, positive attitude, and open communication I believe were key to my improvement as an adult onset swimmer. With Doug's help, my 1500 meter swim went from 31 minutes to under 25 minutes in one year" Kyle Carrick WA, USA


Bob Knox



 "What's most impressive about Integrity Multisport is both their expertise working with over-40 athletes with a laser focus on injury prevention AND their shared commitment to your personal lifestyle and goals" Bob Knox DE, USA


"Doug Adams and Integrity Multisport coached me to my first triathlon and my fist full distance Ironman, all within a year! He kept me healthy while meeting my goals." Chris Zorger DE, USA


phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg "As a Physical Therapist, I've worked along side Doug and witnessed his management of training and recovery for all types of athletes...from the dedicated novice, to the seasoned performance athlete.  Doug is an amazing physical therapist and coach, who's best asset may be his ability to take the newest research, blend it with knowledge that has been around for years and stood the test of time, and then tailor it to the exact needs of the athlete.  From a performance perspective, his style is just what an athlete needs to enhance performance and more importantly stay injury free"  JJ Thomas PT, MPT, CMTPT Primal Physical Therapy